Soft Chi Kung

Golden Sun Sequence

This sequence is used to open the meridians of the body, relax and energise the internal organs and strengthen the kidneys.

Use focused and deep but regular and soft breathing. Avoid muscular tension. On the movements * use two breaths to avoid straining if you have a limited lung function or high blood pressure. Try to retain a sense of holding a golden ball of energy throughout the sequences but do not use mental effort. Visualise without visualising or sense without trying to direct the energy. Practice the inner smile to avoid tension. Do each movement 6 to 9 times (depending on available time and energy) unless otherwise directed.

Start with mountain pose and when balanced and relaxed move into Tai Chi stance.

Raise the Chi 6/9 times.

Move the Chi 6/9 times.

Hold the palms facing each other at Hara level about hip width apart. Fingers should be spread and gently holding the Chi ball. Allow the in breath to energise the ball and the out breath to condense it. Expand and contract naturally with the breath.

Churn 6/9 times (Allow the breath to lift the hands and the chi ball to head height on the in breath, bringing the energy down through the body and its organs on the out breath to relax and energise them.

*Breath in, raising the ball above head height and lean back letting the sun energise the Chi ball. Hold the breath 2/3 counts. (Do not compress the lower lumbar vertebrae or bend the neck back) Breath out bringing the ball down to the earth, bending at the knee and then, straightening the legs and keeping the back bent forwards at 90 degrees – hold the behind the back, palms facing the kidneys to energise them. Hold 2/3 counts and repeat from *.

#Bring hands back up to the Hara and gather the Chi as above. Churn 3 times.

**Breath in raising the hands to point the fingers to heaven, coming up on the toes. Let the eyes look up but keep the head still and the shoulders dropped. Hold 2/3counts. Breathe out bringing heavens light down to the earth bending at the knee coming up until the legs are at 90 degrees to the earth with palms facing the kidneys. Hold 2/3 counts and repeat from **.


Breathe in allowing the hands to rise up at the sides of the body to shoulder height like a birds wings, coming up on the toes. Breath out letting the wings fold back to the Hara and repeat another 5 times.

Breathe in raising wings to fold above the head (keep shoulders relaxed). Breathe out returning to the Hara and repeat another 5 times.

Hands form a triangle. Breathing in lift the triangle up the front of the body raising earth’s energy until the hands are just above the head. Open out the hands, palms facing to gather the suns energy between them, breathing rhythmically. When energised relax the fingers slightly and allow the light to shower through the fingers down through the head and the body. Breathe in and then breathe out bringing a rainbow of light around the outside of the body to protect you. Repeat twice.

Hands in a triangle, breathe in and lift up to throat height and separate the hands to shoulder width apart, palms facing forwards away from the body. Breathe the suns rays in through the palms of the hands for about 9 complete breaths. Then lift the arms up and out allowing the body to form an X and breathe in the suns rays through the pores of the body until warmed and energised throughout. Breathe in and then breathe out bringing the rainbow bridge around the body, bringing the feet together as the hands reach the Hara.

Gather the Chi once or twice,

Move into Yin?Yang balancing sequence, or bring the hands in to direct and press the energy into the Hara, rotating the palms around the abdomen clockwise and anticlockwise 9 times. Swallow saliva down to the Dan Tien and feel the warmth gather in the hands/Hara.

Rub hands together briskly and use the energy to massage, smooth and relax any tense or painful parts of the body.

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