The Art of Becoming Inspired...

... tuning into the river of life.

The climate, the nature and the atmosphere of Tenerife are special, and a perfect place for relaxation and reflection. Here Marie Carr empowers with classes of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation and breathing exercises; leads with inspirational talk, teachings in stress management; and supports individuals with massage and relaxation techniques. Following a path tailored for each client, Marie shows how to find the inner-self and help on the road to enlightenment and fulfilment. After consultation in the strictest confidence, she will devise a programme to fit each and every requirement. Regular classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung are held at venues in the South of the Island. She welcomes you to the classes, especially if you have never tried these wonderful and exhilarating exercise forms.

Inspirational Classes and Therapies

A Class or a session can include…

A combination of Tai Chi practice and form, Chi Kung, Breathing exercises, Meditation, inspirational talking and teaching, Massage, Relaxation and Stress management, all personally tailored to the individual’s needs (on a one to one basis) and strictly confidential.