Ben W. Marshal; Los Gigantes, Tenerife.


I have been a tai chi student of Marie’s for only a few weeks. As a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis I have found the affects physically and spiritually tremendous. I have recovered balance, find movement has improved and am a great deal more content with my life. It is easy for me to monitor the positive affects of Marie’s inspirational classes, I did little else health wise since I started with her. I have no reserves in recommending tai chi and especially Marie’s classes to everyone, be it young or old. Participate and enjoy.

Tracey Dale, Fonsalia, Tenerife.


I came to Marie’s Tai Chi/ Chi Gung sessions because I wanted a form of exercise that would benefit me, rather than exert me too much. I had a cardiovascular accident (C.V.A – or stroke to most people) some years ago, and I find the idea of, for example, walking or running on a treadmill too much for my stamina to take.

I found the classes perfect! For some years past, I have been interested in, and have done Tai Chi, but any tutors that I went to (even before my C.V.A.), progressed too fast for me – according to the type of Tai Chi they taught - and wanted to show and teach all the many moves of the form at an accelerated level.

Marie teaches you at a pace you can grasp and has reduced it down to bite sized pieces, benefiting those on holiday and people like myself, who find it hard to memorise or practice it at home. I have found that my balance and my stroke affected arm has improved in the short time that I have been attending the sessions.

Johanne Lueders, London.


I describe my first ever Tai Chi experience with Marie as a holy experience. I came to Tenerife having never experienced Tai Chi before. Although I wanted a very relaxing holiday after a very busy year in Britain, I didn’t want to spend my entire holiday on a sun lounger. I felt my body and mind both deserved a treat, so I went along to the Tai Chi class and was very pleased what I encountered. The class was very unhurried and I didn’t feel like I was being left behind. I followed Marie’s gentle and elegant instruction and came away an hour later feeling very relaxed, calm and serene – and as if a huge weight of tension and stress had been lifted from me. It was a holy experience led by a beautiful and insightful teacher who truly knows her craft. Thank you angel!

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