Chi (or qui) means ‘subtle life-force’. Kung (Gong) relates to ‘repeated labour’. Loosely translated means ‘repetition of energy work’ (therefore connecting with universal energy).

Chi Kung was developed in northern China over 6000 years ago and was based on vital energy force (Chi). Flowing chi energy, like electricity, is invisible but carries with it incredible power. Skill-fully being able to guide this energy through your being enables you to attain balance, harmony, alongside any healing that is necessary. In Chi Kung, this is achieved through physical exercises, with the emphasis on the breath and concentration.

The concept of Yin and Yang (the balancing of opposites) is applied to the three main elements of Chi Kung…

…A calm but alert state of mind to help focus concentration.

Deep, natural breathing - to increase and circulate chi energy.

Posture and/or movement (posture meaning a straight back and spine). Hard Chi Kung (yang) expanding, strengthens the physical body and mind.

Hard Chi Kung Healing Sounds

Healing sounds are an ancient form of healing Chi Kung, which are used to cleanse and stimulate the vital organs and chakras.

For each sound air is taken in through the nose and let out slowly through the mouth.

There is one way of inhaling the breath and different ways of exhaling the breath dependent upon the sound.

The HAW sound to give strength to the kidneys, to the 1st and 2nd chakras the base centre and the Dan Tien and the adrenal glands and bladder.

The YEEE sound to give strength to the spleen, stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder.

The AH sound to give strength to the 4th chakra the heart centre, heart and lungs.

The HA sound to strengthen the throat chakra.

The YUK sound to give strength to the whole body and open up the energy flow.

The OM sound to give strength, harmony and balance to the whole body.

When exhaling the breath the sound provides a fresh flow of energy to the relevant organs of the body giving energy and balance. Feeling strong and relaxed at the same time, by emptying your mind, breathing with an inner smile and learning to relax, you will become stronger. Hard Chi Kung ie. Healing Sounds and Standing like a Tree are used to build and strengthen the physical body, as well as strengthening and focusing the mind. They are a perfect compliment to the softer movements of Tai Chi form or indeed to Soft Chi Kung which is more for the internal, more spiritual aspects of the self.