Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Infinite Tai Chi is a very beautiful art form, the creation of Jason Chan. I fell upon it by chance
and was so taken by what I felt and saw, that I was inspired; not only to learn it for myself and use it in all areas of my life; but also to explore the possibility of sharing all it’s beauty and it’s health and healing benefits with others through the teaching of it.

I have found as I have been practising it, that I have embarked upon a fascinating journey, an inward adventure of spiritual awareness and self-discovery on every possible level. So I look upon being able to pass on this wonderful and beautiful, healing art form to others, as a great privilege and joy.

Infinite Tai Chi for me is about being able to express through movement on the outside and the movement of energy on the in, the beauty of that which is truly there within…

So the purpose of my classes is to inspire others into discovering not only the beauty of Infinite Tai Chi for themselves but also their very own levels of ‘potential`, along with their true ‘soul` essence; encouraging ‘connection` through creativity, with their inner most selves.

Natural discipline may well then occur through motivation as we explore deeper and deeper levels of our inner being, in this case, through energy movement, our intention and imagination.

We are working together, towards ‘healing` ourselves and therefore our lives and ‘our` world; be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or all; bringing the mind, body and the spirit back into harmony and balance.